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Traverse Wall

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The Traverse Wall provides a fun physical activity to support your IEP goals. Use it to build motor planning, coordination, core strength, balance, and more.

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The Traverse Wall® provides a fun physical activity that meets national standards for K-12 physical education and can support your IEP goals. Use it to build motor planning, bilateral coordination, core strength, stability, balance, weight transfer skills and more. It encourages focus, problem solving, and is an excellent mindfulness activity. This fun activity builds confidence by giving students a positive risk taking experience that gives students a sense of accomplishment.

The Traverse Wall® is designed to meet the needs of educators:

  • Each 4'x8' or 4’x10’ climbing wall includes 20 hand holds and 66 preset mounting holes that allow you to create a variety of climbing experiences depending on your students ability.
  • An extensive resource guide includes staff training, 65 lesson plans, student assessments, reproducible awards, classroom management tips, and a variety of helpful teacher resources.
  • The color-coded Groperz(™) hand holds are designed to fit students hands, have a textured easy to grip surface, and are color coded based on difficulty level.
  • A Red-Relief Line® reminds students to stay within three feet from the floor and is a helpful tool for the climbing wall supervisor.
  • It can be installed in a variety of spaces--from gymnasiums to classrooms to hallways. 
  • Each wall is manufactured in the USA under a rigorous quality-control system.
  • 2" Safety Mat system meets ASTM Standard F1292-14 for impact. Standard color choices are red and blue. (However, custom color choices are available.)
  • Easily prevent unauthorized climbing with the Mat Locking® System that allows you to lock the mat over the wall when you are finished. This system meets ASTM Standard F2440-04 for indoor wall/feature padding.
  • The walls can be removed from existing sites and reinstalled in alternate sites. (New mounting hardware will be required.)

The Traverse Wall® includes an extensive educator resource guide with a wide variety of activities designed to introduce students to the wall and build their climbing skills. Each activity includes objectives, step by step instructions, differentiation ideas, and reflection questions. There is even a section with a variety of cross-curricular activities that allow you to provide additional academic support.

Once the wall is installed you can easily set it up. The Groperz Hand holds are mounted and removed with an Allen wrench. Removing and moving hand holds is simple and fast.

Each 4" wall panel includes: 66 t-nuts and holes, 20 hand holds (in a variety of styles), Color-coded climbing routes, Red-relief Line®, and the Cordless Mat-Locking® System.

Your choice of standard or slate color. 

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