Tom Needs to Go

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This simple illustrated story will teach guys with autism how to properly use public restrooms.

This vital skill helps to prevent harmful social misunderstandings and abuse of young men with autism. The story in this book is simple, relatable and easy to understand. In it, a boy named Tom decides he wants to go to the mall with his mother. When Tom arrives, he needs to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom he demonstrates the proper way to use urinals, sinks and stalls in an easy to understand manner.

Simple but straightforward illustrations clearly teach where to stand, where to look, locking the cubicle door, and more. Effective, clear diagrams feature a young teen so the book can work with children, teens or adults. Please note this book picture does contain line art illustrations that some would consider explicit.

A must have for parents and caregivers, this book is also a great tool for therapists to show male patients of any age proper restroom etiquette.