Token Board

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Keep your students motivated with our token boards! This is a wonderful positive reinforcement tool for the home, classroom, or therapy center. A helpful box at the top allows you to attach a picture icon to remind students what they are working for, and customize the token board to your individual needs. When you allow students to pick what they are working towards you can keep them motivated and give them a sense of personal agency.

By adding tokens to the board for good behavior, students can visually see how close they are to getting their reward. This visual support provides a positive visual cue to stay on-task and avoid disruptive behavior. Hang token boards on the wall, whiteboard, fridge, or just place them on a desk for a useful motivational and educational tool!

Choose from a 3, 4 or 5 star token board. Each 11 x 4 inch laminated board includes sturdy plastic stars that attach to it with Velcro coins. Or, bundle and save with a set of all three designs! Please note, velcro pictures are not included.

Size: 11 x 4 inches