Toddler Toy Set

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Our toy set for toddlers with autism features fun and educational toys that make great gifts. Toddlers will love learning new skills as they play with the following items:

Emotion Moogy: Have fun learning to identify emotions and talk about feelings with Emotion Moogy. Great for developing emotional regulation, empathy, and social skills. 

Sound Puzzles Zoo: Place the pieces of the puzzle properly in the set and the young child is rewarded with the sound the zoo animal makes. Turn this puzzle into a fun turn taking game that also teach cause and effect. A helpful matching, full-color picture is under each puzzle piece providing a visual prompt that will help children succeed.

Magnetic Fishing Puzzle: Your child will love to go fishing as they develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception, fine motor skills, and more. This game features bright, full-color artwork that will catch kids' attention. Use this game as a simple turn taking activity to promote joint attention. 

Sensory Snuggle Cow: This adorable 12 x 12 inch cow is a multi-sensory treat. It features a variety of textures young children can explore and manipulate. It’s great for providing easy sensory play at home or on the go. Ears crinkle, the leaf is a BPA plastic that can be chewed, several extra tags are sewn in to touch and explore, and so much more.

Light Up Star Spinner: This highly visual item provides a mesmerizing light display with the click of a button. Just flip a switch and watch the five inch star light up and spin creating layers of colored lights. Great for teaching cause and effect, or for use as a calming visual distraction.

Pop & Slide  Shelly: This adorable turtle toy is a great tool for keeping kids hand busy and developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! The pop sliders and holes are each different colors-- create a fun activity by having kids move the sliders into matching holes! Or, simply allow children to play and discover where the sliders will go next.

Silicone Squishy Fish: These super sturdy silicone fidgets are covered in small tactile strands that feel great, You can squeeze it or stroke it for instant sensory relief! The average size is 5 x 2 x 1 inch.