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This cute little set is perfect for teaching your young students with autism how to tell time and about the concept of time. It's great for introducing the hour and minute hands, digital time, teaching hours, half hours, and quarter hours. 

This set includes a sturdy eight inch teaching clock that uses color coding to help your students learn how to tell time. The clock face minute numbers and minute hand are blue and the hour numbers and hour hand are red. Manipulating the hands on the clock lets your students see that the hour hand moves slowly toward the next number while the minute hand moves much faster.

Activity cards and puzzle cards reflect familiar activities in a child's daily routine. Use them to introduce concepts of before and after, am and pm, and for ordering events.

This set includes teaching clock with movable hands, dry erase clock, 24 double-sided analog and digital puzzle cards, 12 double-sided, write & wipe daily activity cards, 3 time dice, and an activity guide.