The Social Media Workbook for Teens

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Does your teen struggle with social media? Checking the phone several times an hour, worrying about having a perfect online presence, and fear of being embarrassed or unfollowed online are common woes for the modern plugged-in teenager. Luckily, the Social Media Workbook for Teens is here to help. Written by Goali Saedi Bocci, PHD, a licensed clinical physician with years of experience, this engaging, insightful workbook will help teens ensure that they are the ones running their own lives, not social media.

Exercises include stress and anxiety management, making and keeping real life friends, dealing with cyberbullying, and more. Each segment is designed to help the reader have a healthier relationship to both the digital world and real life. Readers can work through the chapters on their own or with the help of an adult. This is a great tool for parents, teachers, and therapists seeking to help teens and young adults grow and flourish.

134 pages.