The Hidden Curriculum

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So much of what we communicate to each other is non-verbal. However, many people on the autism spectrum have trouble picking up on social cues. Now you can teach people with autism this "Hidden Curriculum" with this practical guide. Perfect for classroom and therapy settings, The Hidden Curriculum is designed to help students understand this form of communication. The guide breaks complex social norms into simple, easy to understand pieces covered in each chapter.

This guide will help you teach important social rules and strategies needed for success and safety. By learning these Hidden Rules, students can move towards social success and gain a better understanding of their peers.

With a detailed list of curriculum items, this is an excellent resource for teachers and therapists.

Written by Jed Baker, Ph.D., Director, Social Skills Training Project in New Jersey, and Stephen M. Shore, Board President, Asperger's Association of New England.

107 pages.