The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens

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Help the teens you work with plan and organize, learn to stay focused, and finish tasks so that they can reach their goals with this practical workbook. The Executive Workbook for Teens is designed to be used alone or with a group,

this helpful workbook is full of activities and exercises that will help teens build the executive functioning skills they need to succeed. Use this book to help teens with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and learning challenges.

Your teens will learn to turn positive thinking into an action plan. They will learn to increase their attention and enhance their memory. They will learn several,

practical strategies to help them organize and manage their time.

This workbook includes 31 chapters that will build your teen's self-understanding, organizational skills, time management, emotional control, behavioral control, flexibility, working memory, and persistence. This is a great resource for the special educator or school psychologist.