The Autism Playbook for Teens

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The Autism Playbook helps teens on the spectrum develop social skills by learning positive communication skills and develop the emotional management techniques they need for social success.

The mindfulness-based activities in this book will help teens to calm their minds, relax their bodies, have fun, and build better relationships. Through systematic exercises teens will develop their ability to concentrate, detect cues from their environment, and manage their experiences of emotions in a positive and proactive manner. Relatable stories throughout the book offer support and practical examples for teen readers.

This book is broken into three parts, section one teaches teens to calm their body and mind.

In this section teens will learn practical strategies to manage anxiety and self-calm. Section two will teach teens how to identify their thoughts and feelings to build independence.

In this section teens will learn the power of their feelings, basic meltdown prevention strategies, and steps to improving their self-esteem. Section three offers practical strategies to help teens reach out and connect with others. Teens will learn how to be a social scientist, advocate for themselves, make friends, and more.