The Adventures of Thin Than

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Your students will instantly become engaged as they read about Thin Than, a stick figure who goes on all kinds of adventures. Each story is written at a very low reading level starting at a 0.1 that moves up to 1.7. This series is designed for students in the second grade and up.

Your students will read about a variety of adventures that Thin Than goes on. Stories include him playing sports, traveling, finding a girlfriend, and more. Each story is ten pages, includes a picture, and is approximately 50 words. Each story includes six to eight printable activities that will encourage your students to find context clues, practice the controlled vocabulary, alphabetize, rhyme, work on sentence writing, and more. This is a fun extra practice resource your students are sure to enjoy!

This set includes:

  • 24 readers- two books for every twelve stories.
  • A CDROM with printable worksheets as well as whiteboard-ready activities.
  • An instruction guide that includes teaching suggestions and bonus activities.
  • Storage box.