Tear Drop Swing

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The Tear Drop OT swing is a client favorite that can provide lots of vestibular and proprioceptive input. Your students will love climbing into this cozy cocoon style swing.

A window allows your students to look out and watch as they swing. Or they can sit down and enclose themselves inside if that is more comfortable.

It's made of machine washable nylon mesh and comes with two styles of heavy duty bouncing suspension straps that allow you to bounce your students up and down. Use the single bouncers for lots of bouncing fun or switch out and use the double bouncing units for less bouncing action.

This set includes the fabric swing, two single strap vertical bouncer units, two double strap vertical bouncer units, and two safety straps.

Size: 64 x 24 inches

Maximum Working Load: 200 pounds

This swing can be disinfected between clients with sprays or wipes that do not contain bleach.