Teaching Theory of Mind

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Teaching Theory of Mind is a “curriculum for children with High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Related Social Challenges.” Theory of Mind refers to the idea that people with autism don’t understand that other people have their own unique feelings, thoughts, and plans that can be different from the person with ASD. The inability to perceive this information in others often leads to difficulty in relating and communicating with others.

This easy to use curriculum will help you teach the essential skill of theory of mind to children on the autism spectrum and those with social challenges. 12 lesson plans clearly and methodically walk you through the process of teaching individuals perspective taking. Each lesson plan includes everything you need to teach each skill including a teacher introduction explaining the instructional relevance, teaching activities, timing, as well as supporting flashcards for the activities.

Over 200 full color flash cards printed on thick card stock are included with this set!