Tall Stacker Pegs

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The Tall Stacker Pegs and Pegboard Set is a classic developmental toy that is a teacher and therapist favorite. You can use it as a versatile teaching tool that helps build essential hand eye coordination, fine motor control, and math skills during play time. Kids will think they're just having fun, but they are actually sorting, counting, adding, subtracting, and developing their fine motor skills.

This toy will make a great addition to your ABA program or early intervention classroom. This set includes an activity guide with helpful suggestions you can use to help your kids learn. Kids will also enjoy using their imaginations to create their own designs and see how high they can stack the pegs. This set includes 25 pegs, a 8" pegboard, and an activity guide. Each peg is approximately 2.5" inches tall and is the perfect size for young children ages two and up.