TalkBook Four

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Many people with special needs have trouble communicating their needs. The TalkBook Four is an easy to use and affordable four message augmentative communication device. Durable, portable, and user friendly, this item is sure to become a favorite among caregivers, therapists, and teachers of those with special needs.

The TalkBook Four features a sturdy, heat sealed, 13" x 6" vinyl folder with four transparent pockets that hold four separate GoTalk Ones, which are included. Each GoTalk One can record a single message with up to ten seconds of recording time.

The 2" x 5" button features a colorful play button and a large clear picture display providing wonderful visual prompts for communicators. Pressing the buttons is simple and does not require a large amount of strength or dexterity. Play the messages in sequence or individually, and swap messages as needed for your specific needs.

Use the TalkBook Four to introduce multiple messages or sequential communication. Great for the home, classroom or clinic!