Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions

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Taking Charge of My Rainbow of Emotions will help your students develop essential skills that will allow them to manage their emotions effectively. Use it to teach students how to identify both positive and negative emotions, understand the effect emotions can have on us, and discover tools to manage difficult emotions.

It begins with an easy to use assessment to help you quickly and accurately gauge your students abilities. Next it moves on to the CHARGE tool belt. This is a series of strategies that students can choose from to help them with their emotional needs.

The structured format, full color line art images, and simple text help students to understand emotional concepts. The goal of this workbook is to help students express and deal with their emotions in a socially acceptable manner.

This is a great workbook for students with autism who have emotional regulation, pragmatic language, and executive functioning challenges and can be used with children, adolescents, or adults.

185 pages