Tails Are Not for Pulling

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Pets are a wonderful part of many children's families, but many toddlers and preschoolers don't understand the correct way to treat their furry friends. Rough play may seem fun, but kids don't realize that it can also harm the animal or lead to nips and scratches. In Tails are not for Pulling, simple words and full color illustrations teach young kids the importance of treating their pets right.

This book outlines several guidelines that can help kids know how and when to play with their pet. It explains that pets may be frightened, and encourages kids to look out for warning signs such as growling and hissing. By facilitating empathy with the animal, this book helps both kids and pets have fun together!

The back of this board book features tips and strategies for caregivers. By reinforcing the lessons taught in this book, kids can learn how to treat their animals better.