Stop, Relax, and Think Kit

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This set will help kids learn the cognitive, physical, and emotional skill they need to use appropriate behavior across a variety of settings. Its designed to help them learn to quiet and focus bodies and minds so that they can: follow directions, think, clearly and make good choices. This set includes a Stop, Relax, and Think Workbook, Card Game, and Poster as well as a 1 2 3 4 Relax poster, When I Feel Angry Social Story Comic page, Calming Choices chart, Tangle Relax, and Squeeze Ball.

The Stop, Think and Relax workbook will help you teach students:

  • How to organize tasks
  • Focus skill to complete a task
  • Listening and following direction skills
  • Learning to stay calm when life gets upsetting
  • Managing expectations
  • Remembering consequences of negative actions
  • and more

The set comes with an easy to use workbook and a fun card game that will help you to practice new skills. The Stop, Relax, and Think poster is a handy visual reminder to help students remember the skills they are working on.

The 1 2 3 4 Relax poster is a visual step by step guide students can use to help calm their bodies. We have included a squeeze ball your students can use as they follow the steps in the poster.

The calming choices chart is a helpful visual reminder of the variety of choices available to your student to help them relax and make good choices. This is a good activity to practice before students find themselves in a "stop" moment.

The When I Feel Angry comic page is a simple social story style comic that reinforces that your students can choose to stop and relax.

Recommended for students ages 6 and up.