Stick Up for Yourself!

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If a child is struggling with bullying, powerlessness, and fear, this fun, accessible book is a great way to help! Stick Up for Yourself is a comprehensive guide designed to help readers build confidence and self-esteem while learning to be assertive. Using this guide will help kids gain the power to stick up for themselves in conflict, speak up when they need to, and stay true to themselves no matter what. This is a great resource for parents, teachers, and therapists working with children who struggle to advocate for themselves and be heard.

The lessons in this book use real-life examples, easy to understand explanations, and helpful pictures to teach a variety of skills. These include knowing how to engage in healthy conflict, coping skills for strong feelings, how to “store” positive feelings for the times you need them, building relationships, gaining positive self-esteem, and much more. If you know a child who struggles with negative self feelings and bullying, Stick Up for Yourself is a great tool to help.

Also available is a helpful Teacher’s Guide! This 127 page teaching aid contains instructions for sessions applying the lessons to group settings, as well as digital content for printing. The course includes 11 sessions to build self-esteem and assertiveness.

143 pages.