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The new StepPad communicator is a powerful yet easy-to-use cognitive support tool for people who have trouble completing multi-step tasks independently. Assistive technology can help empower individuals with language difficulties, and the Steppad is designed to be simple and easy to use. Directions are easily recorded for playback in sequence, one step at a time. Great for helping prompt a user through multi step tasks.

To use the StepPad, press any of the four activity buttons to activate the step-by-step sequence. Buttons can be labeled with slide in pictures. Users will hear steps one at a time by pressing the next button. To repeat a step, users can hit the middle play button. To review a step, users can press the back button.

The StepPad lets you record up to 30 steps per activity. It has an eight-activity capacity. (Four activities, two levels) That means up to 240 step recordings!

There are also two core messages that never change. Use these buttons for important information or expressions.

The ergonomic design of the StepPad makes it easy to carry and easy to use. It fits easily into a purse, pocket or your hand. Large sized, easy to press buttons make it easy to use.
Adjustable volume.