Somatron Fitness Rocker

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The Somatron Fitness Rocker provides a vibrotactile experience where music is "felt" through the rocker across the individual's entire body. Use this item to provide a calming multi-sensory experience for your students with autism, anxiety, self regulation, and sensory challenges. The compact design is lightweight for easy storage and portability.

Sitting in this therapeutic rocker is a great way to provide students with both auditory and vestibular stimulation. This sensory experience is perfect for soothing meltdowns and bringing students to a place of calm. The addition of the auditory component makes this rocker much more effective than a standard sensory rocker. 

The Somatron Fitness Rocker is also a great way to encourage students to exercise their core muscles as they rock.The combination of movement, sound, and vibration makes this an all-encompassing sensory experience.

This item is manufactured with industrial grade, wipe-able, soft vinyl. It is prefix coated making it easy to clean as well as stain and abrasion resistant.

Please note: for this item to work you must connect the rocker to a stereo rated 10 to 100 watts (not included).

Size: 60 L x 32 W x 18 H inches.

One year warranty on materials and workmanship.