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Chipper Chat is a magnetic chip game that is designed to motivate students to build their social skills! This activity promotes group and individual discussion with 144 scenes of everyday social situations, social stories, and follow up questions to get students excited to communicate.

12 different social skill areas are targeted in Chipper Chat: Politeness, Responsibility, Peer Relationships, Compliance, Assertion, Focus, Cooperation, Body Language, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Social Rituals, and Negotiation. Each topic is covered using five Chipper Chat Boards, allowing for 2-5 students to play at a time.

Amusing kid-friendly illustrations makes playing these games highly engaging. The magnetic pieces can be picked up and moved around with the “magic” wand, providing lots of hand-eye coordination and motor skill practice. With over 576 questions and discussion opportunities, this game can played over and over again and does not become boring.

Each game board incorporates 12 fully illustrated Social Scene cards featuring social stories that relate to the content of the board. Players will use Social Scene Cards that have 2 levels, allowing you to flexibly adjust the complexity of the game to accommodate the needs of the students. The first level is a short, simple version of the story, ideal for young children or those who would benefit from less complexity. The second level features a longer story that will challenge socially advanced students to make more complex observations and inferences.

After each story, players can explore four discussion prompts. The Why Question asks about the motivations of a character in the story. The Related Question asks a relevant question about the story. The Reading/Predicting Question asks students to think about how a character felt, what might have happened, or the students opinion on the story. The Personal Discussion Question asks the player what they might do if they were in a similar situation.

After each question, the player gets to roll the die and earn chips to place on the game board. This tactile and visual element makes answering questions rewarding and fun! When play is over, kids can enjoy using the “magic” wand to pick up “flying” chips and put them back where they belong, making clean-up fun and easy.
This set includes:

  • 12 Board Types with 5 copies each (60 total playing surfaces)
  • 144 Social Scenes Cards
  • Activity Book
  • Magnetic Wand and Chips
  • Sturdy Storage Box

Recommended for students ages 5-12.