Smarts! Everybody's Got Them

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When kids make a mistake, or someone makes fun of them, they can feel that they are not smart, or less than the other kids around them. They might have challenges with certain school subjects, or making friends. However, just because you make mistakes doesn't mean you aren't smart. In fact everyone has some kind of smarts.

If you love Dr Armstrong's work on multiple intelligences, you will love this book. In Smarts! Everybody’s Got Dr. Armstrong explains that there are eight different kinds of abilities or smarts. These include:

  • Word smarts
  • Music smarts
  • Number smarts
  • Picture smarts
  • Body smarts
  • People smarts
  • Self smarts
  • Nature smarts

Easy to understand language and colorful illustrations will instantly engage the kids you work with. They will learn there are many ways to be smart, and everyone can learn and grow. If you practice, you can develop each of your smarts. For example, you can learn to make friends or get better at numbers. The end of the book includes a "Helping Kids Build All Their Smarts" guide for parents, teachers, and counselors.

44 pages

Recommended for children ages 5-9

Size: 11" x 9.25"