Sleep Easy

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Use Mindfulness to help kids fall asleep. This social story will walk kids though calming their mind and body for a good night sleep. Sleeping can be difficult for many children-- racing thoughts, bottled energy, and worries may keep a child awake. In Sleep Easy, twins Billy and Betty both struggle to fall asleep, but their helpful mother teaches them a variety of ways to calm down and relax. The kids learn strategies rooted in the principles of mindfulness, including deep breathing, thought observation, and bodily awareness.

Sleep Easy is a helpful picture book that is designed to help readers learn simple ways to fall asleep with the power of mindfulness. Each page features colorful, appealing illustrations alongside simple, accessible prose. The book walks readers through a variety of ways to calm down busy brains and bodies. Some pages also include a “pause button” activity that asks readers questions based on the exercises, providing helpful reinforcement and practice. 

Size: 9" x 8" x .25"

32 pages