Sensory Diet, Behavior & Body Awareness

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The Sensory Diet, Behavior, and Body Awareness Card set is a fun resource you can use for your students with sensory integration and self regulation challenges. The cards feature engaging illustrations and easy to understand text you can use to explain activities to the students you are working with.

Activities cover five categories:

  • Visual
  • Auditory, visual, and olfactory
  • Tactile Movement and Resistance (proprioception)
  • Movement and balance (vestibular).

Each card tells you if the activity is calming or alerting, how the activity works and includes helpful safety precautions.

This set includes 60 cards (48 activity cards and 12 teaching cards) and a handy storage tin. Photocopy the cards and use them as homework for your students.

Card size: 3" x 5"