Scared Pancakes

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Develop skills for overcoming fears and building optimism with Scared Pancakes! This fun cooking-themed board game is so much fun and is designed to help kids address common childhood fears in an encouraging, engaging way. Fun for the classroom or the home, Scared Pancakes is a great way to get kids talking about their emotions. A handy teaching guide is included, and a convenient carrying handle makes transporting the box a breeze for parents, teachers, and therapists on the go.

The rules of the game are simple-- flip all the pancakes! Each pancake features a picture of a common fear. During their turn, players use the included spatulas to flip pancakes to the opposite side, revealing a picture overcoming the fear. The one to flip the most pancakes wins! Encourage kids to talk about each pancake as they flip them for an opportunity to talk about dealing with emotions in a healthy way. This also is a great game to practice turn taking, counting, and language skills.

Includes 2 game pieces, 1 game board with spinner, 30 double-sided pancakes, 2 spatulas, and Teaching Guide.