Relationship Skills 101 For Teens

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For some people, connecting with others seems to come effortlessly. They have lots of friends, they date, they manage to have pretty good relationships with their parents, and they don't get bullied in school. Teens with social challenges often have low self-esteem, feelings of sadness, isolation, and loneliness, increased stress, lack of fulfillment, and lack of self-confidence. This practical book is written for the teens you work with to read. It includes lots of common social challenges and practical strategies that teens can relate to and use to improve their relationships.

This book is based on dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT. DBT helps people change their lives so that they are happier and healthier. Teens will learn to think about what they can do to move closer to the relationships they would like to have. They will be asked to examine what is in their best interest, and in the best interest of their relationships with their parents, friends, teachers, and others that they have in their life.

Teens will use the following skills to become more effective in their relationships: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance.

These tools work together to help teens effectively manage their feelings, increase their self-confidence, and build healthy relationships.