Put Your Worries Here

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Many teens and young adults struggle with oppressive anxiety, worry, and fear. Put Your Worries Here is a helpful guided journal designed to stop the anxiety cycle, calm the reader, and help teens and young adults overcome their anxiety and take control of life. 100 journaling prompts take readers on a journey of self-discovery with exercises that are practical, effective, and fun! Whether the anxiety is rooted in friends, family, the future, school, or elsewhere, this journal is here to help.

Each prompt is rooted in the principles of Clinical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapies, and Neuroscience. The journaling format is less intrusive than other forms of therapy, helping individuals open up and feel free to express their thoughts privately without judgement. Teens and young adults can explore the book at their own pace and confront worry in a comfortable, controlled setting as they take steps to let go of their anxiety. 

200 pages.