Photographic Learning Cards: Actions

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Use this high quality Action Verb Flashcard Set to improve children's' vocabulary and teach new verbs. This language card set features 46 clearly presented, full-color photographs on large 4.25" x 5 1/2" cards to make recognition easier. Each card demonstrates a different verb in a clear and visually engaging way. Great for your VB program, ABA program, or early intervention classroom. Use individually or during circle time - a helpful activity guide is included with many ideas on how to integrate these cards into your classroom.

Actions include: bathing, batting, blowing bubbles, building, camping, climbing, coloring, crawling, crying, dancing, drinking, eating, feeding, fishing, floating, flying a kite, gardening, hugging, kissing, laughing, listening, looking, painting, peeking, playing, raking, riding a bike, running, sitting, skating, skipping, sleeping smelling, smiling, splashing, swimming, swinging, talking, thinking, tickling, walking, waving, working and writing.

Set includes 48 cards, word list, and activity guide in English, Spanish and French!