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Photo Conversation Cards

Item # 190100
Price: $32.99

This 90 card set will help you teach conversation skills to kids with autism. Covers emotions, family, safety, school, and more.

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Visual aids are a great way to help kids with vocabulary and language trouble understand the basics of conversation. This 90 card set is designed to help you teach conversation skills to children with autism and Asperger's. Use it in your early intervention program as a powerful tool for teaching social skills and speech.

This set covers a wide variety of topics including meeting and greeting people, making and keeping friends, health, hygiene, manners, school skills, safety rules, personal space, home and family, emotions and much more! By incorporating photographic images, these concepts can easily be related to real life objects and situations. All text is written in simple and clear terms to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Each 5.5" x 5.5" card features a full color photo on the front with a social and communication skill story on the back. Socially appropriate responses are clearly explained along with helpful discussion questions.

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