Nouns Verbs And Adjectives Photo Learning Cards

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The Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Photo Learning Card Set is a wonderful resource that will engage students as it explores everyday objects, food, things at school, actions, opposites, and common things in a child's day. With clear and non-distracting images, this set is ideal for developing expressive and receptive language skills, as well as for stimulating conversation and discussion while working on 'Wh-' questions. These cards are also great for increasing vocabulary, building literacy skills, augmentative communication, and much more.

This robust set covers a variety of topics such as everyday objects, food, things at school, actions, opposites and things in a child's day. The set includes 46 Everyday Object Noun cards, 46 Food cards, 46 Verb cards, 46 Adjectives: Opposites cards, 46 Talk about a Child's Day cards, and 45 Nouns at School cards.

Each of the 275 cards is 4.25" x 5.5" and comes with a useful resource guide in English, Spanish and French.