Noses Are Not for Picking

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It's never too early to teach kids that noses are not for picking! Every young child does it and it's important to make sure it doesn't turn into a bad habit. This sturdy board book features bright, child friendly images, and a simple story that will teach your kids this important lesson. A list of tips for parents and caregivers is at the end of the book to help you reinforce the learning.

The kids you work with will learn that instead of using their fingers they can use a tissue to take care of their nose. They will learn that it's important to wash their hands. Catchy phrases will remind them that noses are for sniffing and smelling but not for picking "and fingers are not for licking! They will also learn to grab a tissue and blow, toss, wipe, and dry. Children will enjoy the humor and gentle story line. Tips for caregivers in the back of the book give you suggestions for encouraging behavior change.

Size: 7 x 7 x .5 inches