Kids of all ages love to play with Noise Putty! It has an unusual squishy texture that you can squeeze between your fingers. Push it back into its jar and listen to it make funny, gastronomical sounds. Use it to work on fine motor skills. Hide coins inside the putty and have kids find them. Roll the putty out or squeeze it into various shapes to get fingers moving.

Noise Putty is fun, safe, nontoxic, and odor free. It feels cool and slippery when you touch it. Use it to provide an interesting tactile experience for sensory seekers or as a challenge for those who are more sensitive. Use it as a reinforcement activity for your behavioral program or as a reward for a job well done. Give it to your child with autism to play with and it will attract the interest of their typical peers. Recommended for kids ages three and up and comes in assorted colors.

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