Night Zone Rebound Ball

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Flashing lights, fun texture, and incredible bounce-- the Night Zone Rebound Ball has so many great features! This cool, kinetic toy is a great way to get kids moving and playing. To use, simply attach the included band to the wrist. Then, enjoy tossing and catching the ball as it is pulled back towards you by the elastic cord.

This is the perfect activity for encouraging kids to build motor skills. It requires a bit of skill and practice to catch the ball every time, but even beginners can enjoy this toy! Use it indoors or outdoors during playtime for a great way to build kids' coordination while having a ton of fun.

The Night Zone Rebound Ball contains flashing LED lights that blink and flash once activated by a rebound. The bumpy texture also provides enjoyable tactile stimulation. These factors combined make the Night Zone Rebound Ball a sensory treat in addition to being a fun, kinetic activity.

Assorted colors.