Get ready to build vocabulary and expand language with the Name That Word Game! This fun, interactive game is a great way to help kids develop speech and language skills while also having a ton of fun. Kids will love to laugh and giggle together as they say or act out clues to help team members name that word.

This activity is great for building expressive and receptive language, increasing vocabulary, building social and conversation skills and more. To play, first sort the players into teams. Adjust team size to play with small or large groups! Then, one player may roll the dice and another may move the board piece.

When the piece lands on a colored space, players must draw a card. Each card features a simple vocabulary word and photo. Have participants try to act out the word, give vocal clues, or even draw to give clues to their team on what the word is! If their team members guess correctly, the team can keep that card. Choose between two different win conditions-- the team with the most cards or the first team to collect one card from each category.

This game is highly versatile in that it can be modified to suit students' needs. There are several variations on the rules that can be used to emphasize different developmental areas. These variations can also be used to add replay value to the game, creating variety and bringing even more fun!

This game features eight themes-- everyday things, actions, things to eat and drink, school, emotions, sports and play and living things. Recommended for ages five to adult.