Musical Farmyard Cube

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Kids will love exploring this colorful cube full of cute animals! Discover four fun animal songs when you press their noses-- the Musical Farmyard Cube is sure to delight! This soft block toy is designed to help children develop motor skills, understand cause and effect, build vocabulary, and so much more. Cause and effect toys can often help you to engage with a young child on the spectrum. Take turns with your child engaging in each activity. Your child will learn that when they do something they can change "effect" their environment. This is a great item for schools, nurseries, therapy centers, or the home.

With so many interactive sensory features, children will love to touch and feel this cube as they uncover all the ways they can play! Look into the mirror, crinkle the flower petals, chew the included sensory teether, and pet the animals while listening to all the musical melodies. This toy provides visual, auditory, and sensory feedback for tons of interactive possibilities! The colorful illustrations for each animal are designed to encourage sensory exploration as kids play. With the Musical Farmyard Cube, melodic multi-sensory fun is only a touch away!

Size: 9" x 8" x 8"

Recommended for kids ages 6 months to 2 years.