Moving Mountains Double or Single Squeezer

Item # 261007
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The Moving Mountains squeezer is an affordable squeeze machine that will offer your students lots of calming deep pressure. It's great for developing motor planning and building strength. 

Use it to build the symmetrical and asymmetrical tonic neck reflex, build upper extremity strength, bilateral coordination, and more! As students move through the squeezer they are increasing their spatial awareness, motor planning skills and strengthening their core!

The double roller is especially versatile- your students can roll through it or on top of it. The amount of pressure is easily adjustable. Within minutes you can adjust the heavy duty bungee cords on the side to provide the perfect amount of pressure for each individual student. 

The squeezer is constructed of sturdy Baltic birch wood with cushioned foam rollers. You have your choice of a single roller with two rolls or double roller with four rolls. The double roller includes two rollers which provide deep pressure for additional sensory input. Each roller is covered in heavy duty vinyl that's durable, easy to clean and polyurethane vinyl compliant with all CPSIA and CA Prop 65 standards.

Maximum weight: 100 pounds

Style SKU Length Width Height
Single Roller 261005 25" 23" 15"
Double Roller 261006 33.5" 23.5" 15"




Please note this is a piece of therapy equipment that should be used with adult supervision at all times. Please allow up to an additional four weeks for delivery.

If ordering replacement bands you will need to order two sets of bands for a double roller.

***Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!