Mindfulness Kit

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Our Mindfulness set combines some of our most popular items to help you teach mindfulness skills. This set includes:

  • Oversized Mindfulness Top
  • Let's Talk About Emotions Set
  • Calming Choices Chart
  • Breath by Breath Kid's Book
  • I 2 3 4 Relax Chart
  • When I feel Angry comic page

The Mindfulness Top is a fun interactive activity that teaches conscious breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation. It comes with a large 19" high spinning top and six durable discs that each have six activities on them. A teaching guide with detailed instructions and illustrated pictures will help you to prepare for your mindfulness sessions. Additional online teaching activities are available for download. The Let's Talk About Emotions Kit was a 2019 top seller! This easy to use set will help your students identify emotions and the level of emotion that they are feeling. The simple When I Feel Angry Comic will remind your students that they can make calming choices to manage their anger and stress. A helpful 1 2 3 4 Relax chart will walk your students through a simple muscle relaxation technique they can use with a stress ball.

Recommended for students of all ages.