High School Social Skills Video Modeling DVD

Mike's Crush Teacher Curriculum with DVD

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Teach your students all about healthy high school relationships with Mike's Crush. Your students will become instantly engaged as they watch an account of Mike's day. They will see real world examples of things that go wrong as well as alternate examples of positive ways to handle social challenges. Each scenario covers a common event that can happen either at home and at school during the course of a day.

This relationship curriculum features video modeling, step by step instructions, student handouts, and assessments: everything you need to teach social competence. 

Lessons cover: appearance, understanding relationships, body language, starting a conversation, getting to know someone, rules, laws, and healthy relationships. 

One interesting thing that transpires during Mike's day is that every time something bad happens, someone comes along beside him to help him out. Through the process of his day, Mike realizes that the he feels good when he is helped by others. This realization teaches and encourages him to ask for help and to help others when he is able to.

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