Mars Mud

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Bring out of this world fun into your home with Mars Mud! This metallic putty is so much fun to move and manipulate. This is a perfect fidget for aiding in concentration and for helping calm users down. Children and adults alike can appreciate its therapeutic effects! Use Mars Mud anywhere for a fun, quiet sensory activity that anyone can enjoy.

Mars Mud has a highly unique, shiny finish that creates swirls of vibrant color. As you manipulate the putty, you can see the patterns shift and change! Squish, stretch, twist, and flatten the putty-- it feels so good to hold it in your hands. Mold it into shapes and designs or simply enjoy the unique texture.

The texture of this putty is soft and bouncy, but not sticky. Keeping the putty together is easy and mess free! A resealable container will keep your Mars Mud from drying out for hours of tactile fun.

Recommended for ages 5 and up. Assorted colors.