Maroon spoons have been a long standing staple for feeding therapy programs. The shallow bowl design of these spoons helps limit the amount of food on the spoon making sure users don't place too much food in their mouth. The flatter design of the spoon also makes it easier for users to get the food off the spoon.  Unlike common baby spoons the bowl design is thinner and shallower making them easier to use for those with feeding challenges. 

We offer both the small and large size spoons. The small spoon has a bowl diameter of 1.25 x .5" and the large spoon has a bowl diameter of 1.5 x 1.25".

They are dishwasher safe and inexpensive enough to use both with a therapist and at home. They are manufactured in the USA and made of FDA approved materials and contain no latex, lead, BPA, or phthalates. They are extremely sturdy and will hold up to those with a bite reflex, great for teaching lip closure and helping with tongue thrust challenges.