Managing Anxiety in People with Autism

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Knowing how to handle stress is a vital skill that can be difficult to learn. Managing Anxiety in People with Autism is full of practical information on how to help people with autism deal with anxiety. With detailed descriptions of actual case studies, this helpful guide will help you understand the causes and symptoms of anxious behavior and how to deal with them.

Learn practical strategies on how to manage and treat anxiety in the school, home, or clinical setting.

Based on years of practical experience, Dr. Chalfant writes about this subject in a sympathetic, easy to understand manner. This book thoroughly explains the different types of anxiety disorders, how they affect people across the autism spectrum, and how to help. Many different strategies are discussed, allowing you to choose the best solution for the situation. Learn about ways to modify behavior and/or the environment to indirectly reduce anxiety, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and medication.