Making Sense of Social Situations

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Do you have an autistic student who struggles with communication and interaction with others? Use this practical guide to help people on the autism spectrum make sense of social situations. Written by Albert J. Cotugno Ph. D, a physician with years of experience in the field of child and family psychology, this guide explains how you can help a child with special social needs in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.

This helpful book begins with an overview of core areas of ASD development and related deficits.

Next, it introduces a practical social group based program that will help you to assess and treat social competency issues.

Learn with Dr. Cotugno how to start and facilitate group therapy and cognitive-development programs to help your students with social challenges with the Social Competence Enhancement Program (SCEP). This peer-based, group-focused program is explained in detail, including a step-by-step guide to its implementation and a full range of tasks and activities that can be used by practitioners at each stage of the process.

367 pages