Magnetic Traverse Wall

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Take active learning to a new level with the Magnetic Traverse Wall®. This innovative climbing wall allows you to integrate learning and movement with a magnet-accepting surface. Increase the learning with the dry-erase option that turns the walls into a magnetic white board.

Build gross motor skills, focus, and problem solving. Climbing is an excellent mindfulness activity. Your students will build confidence through positive risk taking experiences that give students a sense of accomplishment.

Designed with educators in mind this system includes:

  • Color-coded Groperz(™) hand holds that will fit students hands, have a textured easy to grip surface, and are color coded based on difficulty level.
  • 20 hand holds and 66 preset mounting holes that allow you to easily move the grips to create a wide variety of climbing experiences.
  • A Red-Relief Line® that reminds students to stay within three feet from the floor and is a helpful tool for the climbing wall supervisor.
  • A resource guide that includes staff training, 65 lesson plans, with student objectives, assessments, differentiation ideas, and reflection questions. An appendix includes reproducible awards, classroom management tips, and a variety of helpful teacher resources.
  • A 2" Safety Mat system that meets ASTM Standard F1292-14 for impact and ASTM Standard F2440-04 for indoor wall/feature padding. A mat lock system allows you to lock the mat over the wall for easy storage and to stop unauthorized climbing.
  • Manufactured in the USA under a rigorous quality-control system. 

Each 4' wall panel includes: 66 t-nuts and holes, 20 hand holds (in a variety of styles), Color-coded climbing routes, Red-relief Line®, Cordless Mat-Locking® System, and a Number, Letter and Sentence Magnet set.