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These easy to use magnetic icon sets are designed to help at home or in the classroom. Use them to augment an existing Schkidule kit, or on their own to create visual schedules that kids of any age and ability can benefit from.

Each set is designed to help you create visual aids that children can quickly understand. Use them with any magnetic surface to make visual schedules kids can easily understand and follow. Just line up the activity icons and you instantly have a highly visual resource kids can refer to when they want to find out what’s happening now and what’s coming up next. By helping kids understand the order of the activities for a day you can reduce uncertainty and build independence skills, prevent meltdowns, increase cooperation, build language skills, and more!

Choose from:

  • Home set: art, bath, bedtime, bike ride, breakfast, brush teeth (2x), church, clean room, clear stairs, clear table, comb hair, dance, dentist deodorant, dessert, dinner, dishes, doctor, drink, family time, feed pets, free time, games, garbage, get dressed, going out, gymnastics, haircut, hat/gloves, homework, jacket laundry, library, lighhts, lotion, lunch, make bed, movie night, music lesson, nap, out to eat, outside play, pack backpack, party, pick up toys, pajamas, play date, playground, puzzles, reading, restroom, school, set table, shoes, shopping, shower, snack, special event, sports, swim, tablet, toy time, trip, TV, unpack backpack, video games, wake up, walk, wash hands (2x), and zoo/aquarium.
  • Feelings set: Happy, Sad, Excited, Scared, Nervous, Wiggly, Loved, Overwhelmed, Hurt, Embarrassed, Mad, Frustrated, Confused, Sick, Bored, Worried and Tired.
  • Sensory set: Jumping, Weighted Blanket, Crowded Place, Glasses, Swing, Tunnel, Smelly Place, My Space, Body Poses, Brushing, Chew and Ball.
  • School set: assembly, arrival, art, breakfast, calendar, centers, circle time, clean up, computers, cubby/locker, dismissal, English, field trip, foreign language, game, group work, independent work, instrument/band, library, line up, lunch, math, music class/chorus, PE, pack backpack, read aloud, reading, recess, rest, restroom, safety drill, science, show and tell, snack, social studies, special event, spelling, tablet, unpack backpack, wash hands, writing.

Each icon measures 2" x 2" and are wipeable.