Children will love to go fishing as they develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception, fine motor skills, and more with our popular magnetic fishing puzzle set. This wonderful magnetic game features bright, full-color artwork that will catch kids' eyes and make pretend fishing come to life at playtime. Kids will love to try their hand at fishing out a variety of ocean creatures.

The special nine inch magnetic fishing pole included in this set makes picking up fish fun and challenging for young kids. This set also includes ten different adorable marine animal friends for kids to cast their line out for. Sea creatures included are a dolphin, a crab, a whale, a squid, a shark, a jellyfish, a turtle, a stingray, an octopus, and a sea horse. This highly sturdy puzzle set is easy to clean up and store, great for the early education classroom or as a fun gift for kids.

This game is recommended for ages 3+