Listening Time

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For many young children, it can be difficult to be quiet when someone else is speaking, They may disrupt the class, speak out of turn, squirm and wiggle, or have other concentration difficulties. Help young children learn what good listening looks like with Listening Time.

This cute board book will teach kids that when it's time to listen, they use their eyes to look, ears to hear, and zip their mouth closed. Various helpful, kid friendly strategies help show kids how they can be a respectful listener. Each page features a fun, colorful illustration to engage readers and demonstrate the concepts presented.

The back of the book includes helpful tips for parents and caregivers. This is a great book to help prepare kids for circle time in classrooms. This book is designed for toddlers and preschool aged children. Help the kids you work with learn to put away their giggles and wiggles so that they can listen and learn.