Light Panel Sensory Kit

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Create an fun sensory learning experience with our Light Panel Sensory Kit. This set includes everything you need to create interesting multi-sensory experiences for your students.

Along with the light panel we include a clear exploration tray, and variety of translucent manipulatives so that your students can explore colors, shapes, color mixing, counting, stacking, sorting and more!

The light panel measures 18" x 13.5" and can be set to three light levels: low, medium, and high. An auto lock-on switch will keep students from accidentally turning it off. Designed with a long life LED light source, this panel typically will last for 50,000 hours!

The manipulative kit includes:

  • 40 color blocks(10 rectangle prisms, 5 bridges, 5 cylinders, 10 cubes, and 10 triangle prisms)
  • 90 brick building blocks
  • 72 stackable buttons (circle, squares, stars, hexagons)
  • 108 large lacing beads
  • 300 stackable counters
  • 24 laces
  • 1 storage bin with a lid

The tray fits perfectly over the light panel and helps keep manipulatives from falling on the floor. Or use it to hold your crafts, sand, or water activities.

This set includes a light panel, exploration tray, translucent manipulative set, and storage container.