Light Panel Color Manipulative Set

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Take full advantage of your light panel with this large set of translucent manipulatives. Your students can engage in a variety of activities as the explore, counting, sorting, colors, shapes, patterns, color mixing, matching, and more.

This set includes:

  • 40 three dimensional color blocks (10 rectangles, 5 bridges, 5 cylinders, 10 cubes, and 10 triangles)
  • 90 interlocking brick building blocks
  • 72 stackable shape buttons (circle, squares, stars, hexagons)
  • 108 lacing beads
  • 300 stackable counters
  • 24 laces
  • 1 storage bin with a lid

These items are designed for heavy use in classroom and therapy settings. The manipulatives are made of durable acrylic. The nylon laces are sturdy and won't fray. All of the pieces are washable.

Size: 15" x 9" x 8"

Please note: this set does not come with a light table.