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The Life Skills Readers curriculum will help you teach essential life skills during your literacy period. This language arts program is designed to help transition age students prepare for the real world. It features 40 stories that are broken into six modules. The modules cover the following content areas: Community, Personal, School, Signs, Transportation, and Work.

Your students will love reading about people just like them modeling important life skills. Each story is three to seven pages long and includes comprehension questions. Concepts are reinforced with age appropriate, full colorful photos of young adults. The easy to read text is written for older students who are reading at a second grade level or below.

Along with the readers, you will also receive the Life Skills Software. You will love all of the features of this software. It allows you to highlight text word by word or line by line as it reads stories aloud for your students. A comprehension quiz at the end of each story will test your student's comprehension. You have the option of providing a hint feature that will direct your students to the page that answers each question. A teacher management area allows you to individualize the software for each student, track progress and quickly create reports.

The Introductory Kit includes one book, one PDF CD, and the reading software on a Win/Mac CD. The PDF CD includes a printable PDF file with a Classroom License that lets you print stories for each student.

The Software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.7 or higher; accessible with mouse, touch screen, and single or double switches.

The Life Skill Readers Classroom Kit includes eight books, the PDF CD, and the multimedia software.

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