Let’s Travel Sensory Kit

Let’s Travel Sensory Kit

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Traveling can be fun but it can also be challenging. We've put a travel set together to help with de-stressing while on the go! This set includes a variety of our popular fidgets and distraction toys to help pass the time as well as a few sensory helpers to keep traveling relaxed and comfortable.

This set includes:

  • Several of our most popular fidgets including the Squigglet Sensory Bracelet, Rainbow Pom Pom Ball, Infinite Fidget, and Stressless Gel Ball.

  • A pair of Earplug Bands and Sunglasses to help the sensory sensitive.

  • A 1234 Relax comic that visually teaches kids how to use their stress ball to tense and relax their muscles, helping them manage stress and tame the wiggles while traveling.

  • A few of our popular sensory toys including a liquid timer, spinner, and no-mess slimy string.

  • A helpful Backpack to keep your kit with you whenever and wherever you need it.